Fiberglass Ceiling Domes

Fiberglass Ceiling Dome Light Coves

Fiberglass ceiling dome light coves are Extremely Durable, Light Weight and simple to install. The finishing touch to complete the look and feel to a ceiling dome design comes in the fashion of accent LED lighting.


Light Cove/Trim Rings

Our Light Coves are made from the same fiberglass reinforced polymer(FRP) resin that our ceiling domes are made from. Below is a sample spec sheet for a 4'D x 14"R fiberglass light cove. See Trim Rings


      Fiber Optic Ceiling Domes

      First Class “Eternity Series” Fiber Optic Ceiling Domes are a ‘Must See’ product. Fiber optic lighting helps heighten any room ambiance. Now imagine “you’re looking up to your ceiling and seeing the night sky”. The stars shining and gently sparkling different colors with the optional color wheel that comes with illuminator and fibers. With an occasional shooting star to complete the mood. I think anyone would agree coming home after a long day to relax in the bath while just letting go as you gaze into the night’s sky would be the way to end any day.