High Density Polyurethane - HDP

FRP Specification Polyurethane Mouldings

First Class Building Products offers high density polyurethane (HDP) materials for residential and commercial construction. With properties similar to white pine in density, polyurethane is one of the most diverse architectural materials in the market place today. For decades, polyurethane has been installed on interior and exterior building projects.

HDP is impervious to weather and does not rot. Particularly effective for exterior applications in areas with coastal climates, high humidity, extreme weather variances and high moisture environments, polyurethane will give long lasting beauty to your project. For any interior project, polyurethane offers great detail combined with easy installation. Utilizing standard carpentry tools and installation methods, HDP is installed using adhesive, such as PL Premium, and screws or nails.

FRP can be supplied several ways. For many projects, FRP is supplied unpainted. This enables the installer to attach the FRP to the structure with the ability to countersink screws, patch the screw holes with body filler and sand the screw holes flush with the fiberglass surface. The entire project is then primed and painted giving the material a uniform, finished appearance.

Our custom fabrication capabilities enable us to recreate almost any design element for new construction, remodeling or restoration.