Fiberglass Ceiling Domes

Fiberglass Ceiling Domes

Fiberglass ceiling domes are an amazing and affordable way to upgrade your home or office. They are supplied in one-piece construction ranging from 3' to 7' in diameter. For larger ceiling domes refer to our Gypsum (GRG) ceiling domes.

Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum Ceiling Dome

Gypsum Ceiling Domes

Gypsum ceiling domes are made from glassfiber reinforced gypsum or GRG. GRG ceiling domes are for domes larger than seven feet (7') in diameter. GRG is for interior projects only! Great for custom ceiling or wall moulding project requirements.

Fiber Optic Ceiling Dome

Fiber Optic Ceiling Domes

First Class BP’s fiber optic ceiling domes “The Eternity Series” utilize our fiberglass domes. Fiber optic lighting is not limited to our ceiling dome line. Let us help you find and supply the lighting system right for you.